Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cake for breakfast

This morning I made delicious cake.
20 wraps per inch if I pack it a bit
This is slightly over two ounces of handspun Merino wool that I plied and wet-finished last night, winding it into a center-pull cake this morning on my new ball winder. (Christmas was good to me.) I'm intending to use it for weaving an overshot throw pillow cover in preparation for an overshot coverlet -- I've never woven overshot before so I'm trying to get my pattern weft choice sorted out before I spin two pounds of whatever I choose.

Speaking of Christmas, I also got to use my new Tinkertoy Fiddlestix set as a yarn swift:

I'm not certain I like the vertical orientation yet, but that's the beauty of the set -- I can just reconfigure it into a horizontal swift if I want. Hooray for flexible tools!

Finally, it may be winter, but the alpacas are nesting already.
These are actually wee little nests of alpaca roving that I carded with my fancy dog brushes and dizzed with that big button up there. I bought the alpaca fiber from The Fuchsia Fleece and I'm very happy with it -- it cards up well even on my ~80 TPI brushes. The little nests spin up nicely -- who knew a button could make so much difference?

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