Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Snippet

Or, perhaps, spinlet.

This is my progress on 3/4 oz of bamboo and merino roving that I got from MDSW. It spoke to me when I pulled it out of the bag this time; it said, "Make me a three-ply knitting yarn!" but it also said, "Keep my colors together!". Well, the only way I can reasonably do that is Navajo ply, but 1. this is a really fine and slippery merino/bamboo blend, so it isn't the strongest yarn, and 2. I hate Navajo ply. Instead, I'm opting to ply it with two strands of that nice soft brown-black alpaca I also got from MDSW; unless there winds up being too much brown in it, the darkness should let the colors in the merino blend shine nicely.

The wheel is my Cassandra wheel, which I've modified to accommodate sliding flyer hooks and a cotton drive band.

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