Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blanketed in love

I just finished up a baby blanket for some good friends of ours. Here it is in its plaid glory:

On the loom, with my lovely Kessenich shuttle. The loom is a Loomcraft Sabina from the '40s.
I used 5/2 UKI perle cotton, sett at 16 epi (well, 32 for the doubleweave). The finished piece was 42"x48" off the loom; I didn't measure it after washing.

As a side note, I like my Sabina. I think she gets a bad rap for being quirky (3/4" thick ratchet and pawl in the middle of the back beam?), but she's solid and her quirks don't get in the way of weaving. (Well, once you move the ratchet and pawl to the side, anyway...) I need to replace a couple of the rods that connect the treadles to the shafts, since they've warped and treadling can be difficult in some combinations, but isn't everyone a little warped by the time they turn 70?

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